Conditions of Registration 2020


There is a registration fee of £80 and a deposit of £100 towards the course fee. This and all other fees are payable in full 30 days before the start of the course. Bookings are not confirmed until payment is made, so accommodation and any other arrangements will only happen when payment is made.


Please pay by cash (GBP), cheque from a UK account, or bank transfer to:

Bank name: Barclays Bank PLC.

Account Name: ICS

Sort Code: 20-62-53

Account: 10025259

IBAN: GB97 BARC 2062 5310 0252 59


It is the student’s responsibility to pay ALL bank charges


Cancellation and refund

No refund of registration or deposit fees. If cancellation is 30 days or less before the start of the course, ICS retains 50% of the course fees. No refunds of fees are made once the course has begun, for whatever reason. Please insure against cancellation.

In the event of a student visa refusal, ICS will refund all course fees on receipt of the official refusal document. This does not include the registration fee or deposit fee.

Please note that ICS is closed for public holidays (Friday 10 April, Monday 13 April, Friday 8 May, Monday 25 May and Monday 31 August) and there is no refund of fees for such days.

There are no classes between 21 December 2020 and 3 January 2021.


Minimum age is 18

Maximum age, there is no maximum

Students under 18 and their parents or guardians need to read our information and conditions for Under 18s at ICS before registering. They will also be sent a parental consent form after registering which they will need to complete. Bookings for students under 18 will not be confirmed unless the parental consent form has been completed and returned.

Under 16s in groups only.



If there are no other students at the same level, 1:1 classes may be given for half the specified time.

If you arrive late to your one to one classes without informing the school you will still be charged for the whole session.

If you cancel a one-to-one class, less than a week in advance, it will not be refunded. If you miss a class and you have given 24 hours notice to the school you can make it up at any time before the end of your course or up to the end of the following week.

The textbook fee entitles a student to one book of ICS’ choosing.

Examination registration (IELTS and Cambridge ESOL) are not included in course fees.


If you are in accommodation arranged by ICS, it is strictly Sunday arrival and Saturday departure, i.e. you arrive in the accommodation on the day before your course at ICS starts, and you depart the day after your course at ICS finishes.

Accommodation comprises of breakfast and an evening meal from Monday to Friday plus lunch at the weekend.

Social Events and excursions

The school organises all social events free of charge, but students may incur certain costs, such as their own drinks at pub nights, or entry charges to clubs or other places of interest.

In the case of the optional Summer excursions, we again provide all the organisation free of charge, but students are responsible for any other costs that are part of the trip, e.g. their own tickets on public transport, their own entrance fees to museums etc., any refreshments they choose to buy.


Ask your travel agent or insurance office for full travel insurance which will compensate you if you have to finish your course early and which will pay for medical expenses, loss of luggage or possessions, or other liabilities arising from your stay in the UK.

Please make sure you have understood these conditions correctly. If you need translation, you should not rely on Google Translate as this may introduce inaccuracies.