Beginners Swedish Courses in Norwich

Starting 7th October

Learn Swedish in Norwich

The student will improve their receptive and productive skills such as;

  • giving personal information:
  • introducing him/herself with regard to name, address, telephone number, nationality, languages spoken, occupation, family and friends
  • Eating out and socialising:
  • booking a table in a café or restaurant
  • ordering, drinks, snacks and meals
  • asking for the bill
  • managing payments by credit card, phone or cash
  • familiarisation with signs in and around restaurants, pubs, etc.
  • Asking and giving directions:
  • naming and pronouncing correctly names of common shops and what they sell
  • finding your way round town
  • asking for specific items in shops and describing them

In addition to integrating appropriate language from Essentials and General Information, you should cover the following topics.

The Learners will be able to:


  • List common places in town e.g. town hall, market place, station
  • List tourist activities e.g. visit the cathedral, see a football game
  • Attract the attention of a passer-by
  • Ask the way to a specific building or place e.g. How can I get to ..? Is there a … nearby? Is it far? Can you help me? Where is/are?
  • Give and follow simple directions e.g. take the next/ first right/left, straight on
  • Recognise at least 5 common signs and/or notices
  • Write a simple set of directions e.g. from the hotel to the market


  • Name 5 types of accommodation
  • Ask about availability of rooms
  • Make a room booking e.g. single, double, family, with shower or bath for one night, two nights, one week, etc.
  • Specify meals i.e. breakfast, full or half board
  • Accept or decline the accommodation offered
  • Enquire about cost
  • Ask if credit cards are accepted
  • Give simple description of accommodation
  • Recognise at least 5 common signs associated with accommodation
  • Complete a hotel reservation form
  • Write a simple note e.g. to say where you are staying.

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