Under 18s at ICS

Courses at ICS are primarily designed for adult students, aged 18 and older. While we can welcome students aged 16 and 17, this is not a school that can provide 24 hour supervision, nor do we provide residential accommodation. Under 18 students either stay in their own accommodation arranged by their parents or guardians, or with a host family arranged by the school. It is clearly important that parents and guardians consider whether students under 18 are sufficiently emotionally mature to act responsibly during their time at ICS.

We ask parents or guardians of students under 18 to read the following carefully before booking their child to study at ICS. This will help you to understand what to expect when your child comes to study with us.

• Students under the age of 18 will study in classes with adults.
• All students under 18 years will be accommodated in carefully selected homestays.
• Your child will travel between the school and the host family unsupervised.
• Your child will not be supervised during their free time, e.g. between the end of their lessons at the school and returning to their homestay.
• The school has designated times for students under 18 years old to return to their homestay in the evening. This information can be found on our parental consent forms which will be sent to you by the school office at the time of booking.
• The school’s social programme is not compulsory, nor is it specifically designed for this age group. Students under 18 should note that entry to UK pubs is at the publican’s discretion, even if the visit to the pub is part of the ICS social programme.
• All school social activities, including our optional excursions in the Summer, are supervised by school staff who can assist the students attending the activity. However it should be understood that students attending evening social events are expected to arrange their own travel home. We strongly advise all students under 18 to return to their host family with a friend, or preferably by taxi, particularly when it is dark.
• You should ensure that your child has sufficient money to pay for lunches at the school, and for transportation in and around the city.
• We advise all students under the age of 18 to book our return airport taxi transfer service, to avoid any problems upon arrival (unless they are travelling with a named friend or relative). All students under 18 MUST bring a completed Parental Travel Consent Form with them.
• ICS endeavors to liaise with parents, guardians and agents whenever there are concerns about a student under 18.

Updated 26th March 2015