Going Online and the Study Centre

ICS makes it easy for you to go online!

ICS has a secure wireless (‘wi-fi’) network. You can access this in the school at any time with any of your devices – mobiles (smartphones), laptops, tablets (e.g. iPads), etc. – free of charge.

You can also use our networked computers in Reception to print for a small charge. We can also scan, fax and photocopy for you for a small charge.

Our Study Centre is open to students from 0845-1700 Monday to Friday, so you can go online there before your lessons, in your breaktime and after your lessons, right up till school closes in the evening.

In the Study Centre, as well as doing e-Learning, you can also access a whole range of other study materials, including self-access materials, listening materials and our library of books for you to borrow.

You can also go online for free using the computers in the city central library in The Forum, which is open often even in the evenings and at weekends. ICS can give you a letter that will get you free membership of the library.